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I’m happy to say that the first entrepreneur rule I’m going to work on is #2, “Entrepreneurs prioritize their diet and nutrition”. My friend is flying up from Florida and he owns a CrossFit Gym in St. Petersburg. He broke it down to me pretty simple. He said diet and nutrition isn’t as hard as what people make it to be. CrossFit’s motto is “Constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity”. As simple as it sounds it makes sense considering the basic type font of their logo. 


He said first you need to find a gym that is going to cater to your needs. Just like an entrepreneur you need to prioritize what is important now and try to establish some short term goals to accomplish first.

I did some research and it appears that my first action of making focus steps towards fitness is cleaning out my fridge and filling it with whole foods. I didn’t realize how many processed foods I had inside my freezer.

We started breaking down a cool diet called the Zone diet. It breaks down food in to the three macronutrients. Protein which equals 7 grams, Carbs which equals 9 grams and fat which is 1.5 grams because it’s calorically more dense than it’s counter parts. This anti-inflammation diet has worked for thousands of clients and I’m excited to try it out as well.

 We’re going to try and find a box in the California area, but he said when looking for a Crossfit Gym, it’s imperative that you focus on safety, goals and knowledge of the coaches.

Speaking to him on the phone really brought back some awesome memories and I’m glad he’s coming to town. If you’re ever in the St. Petersburg area and looking to get a good workout give him a ring at to show them support. What I’m most excited about it the opportunity to hangout with some old friends, but also work on becoming more fit and mentally focussed on becoming a great entrepreneur and leader one day.

This is the first step of many and I’ll let you all know how it goes!




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