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Hey Guys,

Figured I’d pick up where I left off. I got some positive feedback from a friend of mine and he said while my writing is fine, I could benefit from serious formatting. I took it as constructive criticism and a chance to actually make myself better at my blog posts. So without further adieu, here are the remaining 5 things that the best entrepreneurs do to enhance themselves in their industry.

  1. Top entrepreneur know their strengths and their weaknesses. My strength is seeking on how to be better. I am never satisfied with being subpar. This is why I reached out to my friend and we may be setting up a trip to where we can work on my health and nutrition. It’s a small start, but I’m excited for the opportunity to be better.
  2. Entrepreneurs are always learning. It’s funny because this is my strength. I didn’t realize it until I read this article, but like I mentioned in number 1, it’s something I’m very passionate about. I will always strive to learn more and be better than the competition.
  3. Entrepreneurs hire A-team players. I can’t say I’ve been in this situation before. However, in school I try to work with groups who are about working hard for each other and not just themselves. I believe in sharing the workload especially if it makes us more efficient.
  4. Entrepreneurs are always looking for opportunities. It feels like a lot of these top ten characteristics are things I do on a daily basis. I’ve really enjoyed reading this article, but my blog is getting fairly long so I’m going to bring this to a close with one more rule.
  5. Entrepreneurs evaluate their priorities each day. This goes without saying, but you have to ask your what is important now. If I’m going to be successful, happy, and spending time with my family, at the end of the day I need to continue to work hard and focus on whats important now.

See you guys next time!


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