10 things every entrepreneur does

I’m a big advocate of reading articles and to improve m education I decided to do a little research on what it takes to become an entrepreneur. I went to (www.entrepreneur.com) and I found a great article describing ten different things the top entrepreneurs in the country do every day to become better at what they do. I’m not going to discuss all ten rules, but I will go over five of them with you.

The first one is that the top guys and gals always plan out their day in advance. If I’m being honest this is something I’ve been going for the past 4 weeks. I planned on writing this blog 3 days before it was written. I decided I wanted to have the article, idea, blog post already planned out and scheduled so It would post easier for me. I think if you know where you’re going in advance it makes thinking a lot easier if you know what I mean?


Number two is working on diet and exercise. I’ll be honest with myself, I’m already looking for great gyms to go to. I’ve been considering jumping into Crossfit. A friend of mine owns a gym in florida, but that doesn’t do me any good here in California. I’ll certainly reach out to them to get an idea of what I’ll be getting myself into in the next couple of days.

Number three is positioning themselves to serve. I said this in the article before , but it’s so important to create opportunities for others before creating opportunities for yourself. I truly believe that the more jobs you create the more money YOU make! Let that sink in.

Number four is setting clear goals. Similar to Number one, but if you don’t know where you want to go, how to you expect to get anything done?

Number five is taking calculated risks. So, sometimes this one is tough for me because sometimes I act on emotion and not calculated risk. It’s easy to act now and not thinking about the consequences, but lately I’ve been making some serious investments and I continually pray to God that they pay off.

In closing here is a cool video about what it takes to get the job done.

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